Friday, May 29, 2009

grey colt invitations

ok. it's been "grey colt" day on the blog.  since it's the 50 year celebration, nate + I decided to help develop a really fun invitation that captures everything cool about the store and the 3 women that work there.  hence, all of the  paper layering and printed fabric swatches (all of which are iconic to the store and its history). AND each invite includes these quirky paper dolls of the women at the store dressed in some of their own vintage grey colt attire.  how much more fun can it get???  truly, the fun part was the back + forth on every little detail.  and the outcome is pretty darn cute!  thanks, nate for some wonderful portraits...

1 comment:

  1. Hi Salli! As you already know, I adore my paper doll that you and Nate created! I luv luv luv it. Thanks for posting the invitation! Everyone is going gaga over it. Stephanie p.s. I like visiting your blog every day.