Friday, September 24, 2010

pink shoes

i bought these shoes 10 years ago for $20.00...i am so glad i never put them in the goodwill bag...


  1. Atleast one of is is...

    Jk! but seriously, how do you remember the price of something so long ago?

  2. hA!!! funny abz...very funny! i remember many things...usually things that are not important or relelvant, tho.

  3. DANG!!!!! Where the heck was I when you purchased these babies. OH man I wish I had a pair. These are beautiful. You have such style and taste girly. Most awesome. I had a pair of gray suede and patent leather spiked high and very, very pointed toe shoes from the 50's I picked up at a second hand shop in Newark. NJ. I loved those shoes so much. They were awesome Salli!!!!! They got wet in the rain and got ruined. Hurt my heart. I had to throw those beauties away. You have inspired me with your shoes. Wear them well and keep looking over your shoulder cause I will be stalking you for them he he he he. Thanks so much for you kind words Salli. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. So proud and glad to be blogger buddies with you too.

  4. Girl, you have the best taste in shoes. Let me know if you head out to California and we'll go shoe shoppin'!

  5. fabulous... i'm glad you didn't tosss them too. are they a size 6?