Sunday, July 1, 2012

stay cool!

i'm loving this super hot + steamy summer so far!


  1. I have been craving one of these red, white and blue rocket pops from my childhood! Cute illo!

  2. Okay confession time Salli,
    Since I have moved to Charlotte, NC I have this secret obsession. I ashamed, but here it is. There are these wonderful popsicles called Fire Crackers! They are made by Popsicle. They are better than Bomb Pops and any other thing I have tried. The stuff is like crack to me! Serious I can eat a whole box by myself in two days sometimes less. I dream about them and I stalk my local supermarket for them. I run from one Market to the next and will fight you for them! I swear they put something in them to make them addictive Salli! Okay.... so there you have it... I am signing myself into Popsicle rehab.