Friday, November 19, 2010

fun in chicago!!!

WOW-WEE!!!! just got back from chicago where nate + i were lucky enough to meet the awesome blogger/artist/designer/major theydrawandcook contributor LISA GRAVES!!! it was fabulous fun...she is a blast and quite the prolific illustrator. also came across a holiday card i did for Great Arrow Graphics in Bloomingdales!!! it's really fun meeting up with fellow bloggers + artist friends...keeps is real, ya know!? btw, lisa commented on all of my cool's SToNZ + deborah woolfork keeping me adorned ; )


  1. most fun ever!!! I couldn't stop smiling on the way back to my hotel!! In fact- I'm still smiling. Pretty amazing to meet your idols! (ahem... you and Nate!)

  2. OOh but you look fantastic girly holding your cards there! Was it cold??? My brother-in-law had to speak for a conference on last week and he said it was getting really cold. Oh to travel. I can't wait to go to Chicago!
    Oprah wants to interview Alan for one of her last shows. I can't wait. We are sooooo looking forward to that visit. SOOOO great that you got to meet Lisa!!! How fabulous is that! I love meeting bloggers. You get to put a face and personality with the work he he he he! Sometimes they don't match up and that makes it even more exciting he he he he! Listen, You and Nate have a wonderfully blessed and Happy Turkey Day. Pace yourselves. Hugs to you both