Thursday, March 3, 2011

cleaning the studio!

yes, i've been organizing. not an easy thing for me. i don't know why i like this silly shimmery wreath but i do. the hanging artwork pieces are originals by richard faust. extremely talented, unbelievably modest and 100% wonderful. here is a link to his site....visit his blog also.


  1. Hey you! I love your wall color... what is it? I think I would leave the silver leaf wreath hanging up all year too, it is very lovely.

    I am organizing around here as well. I am reading a life coaching book that is supposed to kick my a@$ into high gear and out of the creative funk I've allowed myself to fall into, and one of the first steps is to clean and organize! I think that is what sold me on this book... who doesn't love a clean and organized work space?

    How do you stay motivated?

  2. I love this silvery wreath... you should fashion a bracelet or ring after this!!