Sunday, August 14, 2011

sneak peek!

hA! finished it! I will post this on They Draw & Cook on Nate's birthday, august 17th. I laughed the entire time I was working on it! I don't think he checks my blog too often so this won't spoil the surprise....btw...why doesn't he check my blog very often ; (


  1. Happy Birthday, Nate!
    Great recipe, Salli!(P.S. This photo makes me laugh :)

  2. Fun recipe illo for Nate's b-day! Happy birthday Nate!!

  3. he hehe he he he! We'll keep him busy so he won't check your blog he he he he he! Happy birthday Nate! Great recipes Salli. You have done it once again girly. I love that picture of Nate. He is so handsome. Thanks so much for dropping by again. You are so busy with creating and work, but I so appreciate that you take time to visit me. Seriously girl, it's precious to me. Thanks so much. Have a fantastically creative week!

  4. Such a sweet design. Love the lettering (natch!). With that toothy grin I imagine "Birthday" would sound like "Birfday." I said it on FB and I'll say it again, "Happy Birfday, Nate."