Wednesday, November 28, 2012

tote bags!

nate and i collaborated with another brother/sister team to create these great tote bags. they are selling on the awesome "a-thread" site where a part of every purchase goes to either a charity of your choice or in this case, the world food bank. we couldn't be happier with how they turned out...the construction and print quality are FAB! here is the link to view them along with the MANY other cool things they sell! how fun to buy all of the ingredients needed to make these recipes and gift it to a friend!


  1. These are so sweet and beautifully made. I love them. Hope you sell a whole lot of them.

  2. They look superb (as does all your work!). Great colours and the print quality looks great. Love the rubber stamps in the last post... very 'analogue, which a good thing, though you scanned in too, so you've covered all the work practice bases :-) Ta for voting on my mug by the way, much appreciated!