Monday, July 1, 2013

our son sam the designer!

our son sam will be a junior at miami university this fall in the graphic design program. for the month of july he is working as an intern at Neoteric Design. They are an unbelievably smart, creative and visionary group specializing in interactive web development and design. AND they are the group that created our They Draw & Cook and They Draw & Travel sites! i was completely a nut when i saw this article they posted!!!! see the full story here. i could not be one bit more proud or happy for sam. and HUGE thanks to my sis and her husband for letting sam stay in their very swanky place with a fab view of the city! lucky sam!!


  1. Salli your son is a babe! Haha, and that is such a great opportunity for a young guy. I wish him luck! :)

  2. hahahaha!!! thanks for stopping by to comment ; ) he's a cutie alright! smart, funny and creative too!