Saturday, June 6, 2009

pet hair

oh're laughing now, but wait til you try this thing. it's a gadget that ACTUALLY works.  with five cats I think my opinion counts.  that's what this blog is about...sharing great stuff. and this is great. pledge fabric sweeper for pet hair.


  1. this endorsement has just officially morphed this blog into some variety show from 1955.

    "this posting has been brought to by our friends at Pledge!"

  2. From one Cat Lover to another, my husband will love this thing! Thanks for the update.

  3. I have a 100 pound yellow Labrador who knows Donna Ruth. His hair is everywhere ... there isn't an acrylic box big enough to fit a herd of Labs ... or a Pledge spongy thing powerful enough to sweep up after them...I vaccuum up a Chiuahua every other day... My name is Marcia and Donna is a good friend. Please check out my daughter's blog ... kitschen feast ... it's cool too... This was fun!