Friday, June 5, 2009

print & pattern

I am a BIG fan of the print & pattern blogsite.  I ooohhh + aaahhh over it everyday.  I was so very happy to wake up today and see that see has featured "studio sss" on her blog...and that she posted my favorite recent design (which is available... I am shameless, I know).  THANKS print & pattern.


  1. I read P&P. Congratulations! Between Michael, Dante and you I'm awestruck! I'll check back. Thanks! (FYI I worked at AG. I sat next to Jude.)

  2. hey alex! of course I remember you! michael and dante ARE great...
    how are you???

  3. I'm fine. 'adapting to life in LA. Only one star sighting, Alfre Woodard. Cars and freeways everywhere - insanity. I love it! Happy to hear from you.