Monday, August 2, 2010

the number 4 book

I'm making another book...the tiny size book that you make on your mac and send off for printing. I am kind of addicted to making these small books. this one is for my brother-in-law (big birthday coming up)...he loves the number four. um. I hope he doesn't follow my blog or the surprise won't be a surprise.


  1. salli: nice. where do you send the little books for printing? I'd like to try this.


  2. hey make these thru your iphoto program on your mac. open iphoto and click on the "book" icon/word at the bottom, then you can pick the size of book etc. you can import images directly from iphoto or design them in any other program and save them as jpgs. and drag them into iphoto. you then order the books from iphoto (it guides you thru the process) and they deliver them in about 10 days! super fun to make...